The ways to the Brocken

The Brocken is with 1,141 meters the highest resin summit. From the top there is a magnificent panoramic view. A Brockentour is thus one of the highlights of each Harz trip. Well known travelers like Goethe and Heine already magically moved into the summit. Goethe processed his impressions of the "Blocksberg" at Walpurgisnacht in Faust and Heine wrote in his "Harzreise": "I want to climb the mountains, where the dark firs rise, buffalo, birds sing, and the proud clouds hunt ..."

The "mountain of the Germans", as the summit is also called, has some peculiarities to show: Geographically, it is located on the former inner German border and was from 1961 to 1989 restricted area. Climatically, its prominent position in northern Germany ensures harsh winds and cold temperatures, comparable to the mountains of Iceland. In terms of nature conservation, the magical mountain peak belongs to the Harz National Park and lies in the middle of the park's core zone. Therefore, public transport remains locked out. Although the Brockenstraße leads from Schierke to the summit, this can only be used with special permission. Some carters offer from Schierke covered wagon rides to Brocken. The second option to travel to Brocken is the Brockenbahn, which is part of the Harz narrow gauge railways (HSB). Who wants to experience the tour to the summit very intense, of course, will go up. From Torfhaus Johann Wolfgang von Goethe began on 10 December 1777 in the company of Förster Degen his first Brockentour. The rough terrain, untouched nature and bizarre forms along the way left a lasting impression on him. His experience of chunk processed Goethe in Faust.

Ascent from Ilsenburg: Heinrich-Heine-Weg (12km, 850m difference in altitude)

The most beautiful ascent to the Brocken begins in Ilsenburg and follows the footsteps of Heinrich Heine along the mountain stream Ilse.

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