Goslar - Living World Heritage Site on the Harz

Goslar, the millennial imperial city on the Harz, invites you on an exciting journey through time from the Middle Ages to the present day. Where once emperors and kings ruled, today visitors find a lively city with picturesque streets and squares for strolling, lingering, shopping, enjoying and relaxing.

The special atmosphere of Goslar, the mixture of tradition, history and modernity, becomes clear during a ramble through the UNESCO-listed Old Town. In addition to imposing buildings of various epochs, churches and half-timbered houses are objects of contemporary artists from around the world. Historic buildings, such as the Great Holy Cross, today give artisans room to work creatively.

Once the ores of the Rammelsberg made the city significant for the rulers of the Middle Ages. Thus, in the imperial palace at Reichstag German history was written. Today, an imposing mural tells the story of the "Holy Roman Empire". The Rammelsberg ore mine, decommissioned since 1988, shows the significant tradition of mining in Goslar and in the Harz as a museum and visitor mine. In 2010, the Upper Harz Water Management - a unique pond and ditch system for generating energy through hydropower - was added to the list of World Heritage Sites in addition to the Rammelsberg and the old town of Goslar.

With lively events - such as Walpurgis, medieval and craft market, Old Town Festival or Christmas market with Christmas forest - Goslar attracts thousands of visitors every year. Entertaining city and costume tours bring history to life.


Winter sports in Hahnenklee-Bockswiese.

Be sure to visit our district Hahnenklee, which is awarded as a health resort and presents itself with wonderful nature. For winter sports Hahnenklee-Bockswiese is one of the top addresses in the Harz. The enthusiastic winter sports enthusiasts will find all possibilities for "eventful holidays around the white sport" in the immediate vicinity of the village. Every day from 9 am until dusk, the Bocksberg cable car Gross & Klein will take you to the 726 m high Bocksberg.

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