Halberstadt The gateway to the Harz

The more than 1200-year-old former episcopal city Halberstadt is located in the center of the northern Harz foreland and can be seen from afar on the basis of the distinctive silhouette of the city characterized by sacral Gothic and Romanesque buildings.


The spiritual center and a particularly impressive place is the Gothic St. Stephen's Cathedral and Sixtus, which merges with the Romanesque Liebfrauenkirche in the heart of the city on the Romanesque Street to form an impressive ensemble. The cathedral is home to the world-famous cathedral treasury, which, with a total of 650 pieces, is considered to be the most comprehensive of the surviving medieval church treasures in Europe.


The numerous museums of Halberstadt complement the diverse cultural offer. In the Gleimhaus - Literature Museum and Research Center, the former residence of Johann Wilhelm Ludwig Gleim, the Friendship Temple - an original poet portrait collection, more than 10000 manuscripts and a historical library can be admired. The Municipal Museum presents an exhibition on urban and regional history. In Museum Heineanum, Ferdinand Heine's compilation of the largest private collection of birds at the time forms the basis of the Natural History Museum. The Bolt Museum presents bourgeois living culture around 1900 and the Berend-Lehmann Museum keeps alive the memory of the centuries-old tradition of Halberstadt's former Jewish community.


Lovers of drama, ballet, opera and symphony concerts get their money's worth in the Nordharzer Städtebundtheater. A musical peculiarity is probably the most unusual art project in organ history: in the Buchardikirche, the sounds of the John Cage organ art project "ORGAN² / ASLSP", which is to be played over a total of 639 years, have been sounding for about 10 years.


Recreation and sports facilities can be found in the sports and leisure center Halberstadt with adventure bathing area and sauna area as well as a generous range of sports and the beauty land. New in Halberstadt is Germany's most beautiful indoor playground, the HaWoGe-Spiele-Magazin. The Halberstädter Tiergarten, the Kinopark Zuckerfabrik as well as the Landschaftspark Spiegelsberge, which is included in the state project Gartenträume, with the world's oldest giant wine barrel (144,000 l), the hunting lodge and its well-developed hiking trails ensure a varied leisure program.


Other extraordinary museums await the visitor in the districts Schachdorf Ströbeck and Langenstein. The former not only attracts chess fans with its 1000-year-old gaming tradition and Germany's only public chess museum. In Langenstein the curious cave dwellings are worth a visit.

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