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We, the Harz narrow-gauge railways, are one of the last great steam adventures in the world with 25 steam locomotives. Experience our steam locomotives in daily use on the 140.4-kilometer route network with a track gauge of 1,000 mm. Experience this route network, consisting of resin cross, Selketal and Brockenbahn, which offers you in the heart of Germany numerous superlatives. Explore nature and culture with our steam trains one of the biggest attractions in Germany's northernmost low mountain range, the Harz!

Aufstieg von Ilsenburg: Heinrich-Heine-Weg (12km, 850 Höhenmeter)  Der schönste Aufstieg zum Brocken beginnt in Ilsenburg und folgt den Spuren Heinrich Heines entlang des Gebirgsbachs Ilse.

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